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I am a Canine Behavior Expert. When you board your dog with me, I will share with you insights into your dog's behavior and you will receive some basic training because bringing your dog to me for the day, overnight or walk, your dog will be exposed to my stable, calm and balanced environment with my well trained and happy therapy dog. If your dog is here with us we play all day, we go to dog parks, have adventure dates and if you like, even afternoons at the beach.

Boarding & Training

Most dogs develop these bad behaviors like not being house trained, being aggressive, barking, biting, being destructive, having separation anxiety, being fearful or whatever when they do not understand what's expected of them, they get confused and "act out" from frustration and overreact unless you LOVINGLY communicate with them, using positive reinforcement.


I will take your dog into my home for one on one training. I will create structure and a direct line of communication with your dog so that your dog will respect commands, listen to you, feel safe, and understand what is expected of them. 


I will be very clear with your dog in their language, as I embody and represent to her the "pack leader" so your dog will feel safe. When I am done, I will give YOU insights into all of her behavior and show you how to do this too, so that he/she will continue to feel safe and listen to you in your presence! 


Contact me for rates regarding boarding and training, it takes as little as 2 weeks. Then you have me for the life of your dog with any further encouragement, assistance, boarding, and even playdates! Please call anytime so we can discuss your issues, what to expect, and how to prepare. 

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