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There is an accepted and honored hierarchy in all of nature. This is how nature makes sense of itself. We humans are the ones who have lost the concept of the natural order in which our dogs function. Our lack of knowledge about the nature of our pets and their needs strips our dogs of their natural instincts they need to survive. Our dogs are trying to tell us something and we're not listening.

   Dogs are not stuffed animals or small humans. They do not think or act like humans. Dogs are dogs; we need to respect them like dogs! Treating dogs like humans creates many of the bad behaviors we see in dogs today. Boundaries need to be clearly set and upheld, limitations must be created and enforced, with no exceptions. Believe it or not, this is truly, what our dogs are craving from us.

   The concept of a “pack” is ingrained in your dog's DNA. In the pack, there are only two roles: The role of the leader and the role of the follower. If you do not become your dog's pack leader, he will begrudgingly assume that role and try to dominate you and/or eventually "act out" of frustration in some way. They will pull on the leash, there will be inappropriate barking or jumping, having an accident in the house, or eating the couch, however, your dog shows their particular frustrations. If you don’t fix the problem now it will only get worse! The sooner your dog understands the "rules" of the household, the better!

   I have discovered that the most obvious problem is when well-meaning pet owners spoil their dogs by giving them constant affection without any guidelines of behavior. These pet owners are misguided, thinking that this is enough for the dog...Simply stated, it is NOT! In a dog’s world, getting only affection upsets this natural balance. It renders the dog neurotic. I teach my clients how to “speak" their dogs’ language, the language of the pack with a mother's touch. Both client and dog end up healthier and happier.  

Tug of War

Secrets to Dog Training

 I will now share with you one of my dog training secrets. Dogs communicate in images. The best way for you and your dog to communicate, and for them to understand what is expected of them, is for you to visualize the clearest and most concise picture or movie that you can in your "mind's eye" of your dog's best behavior. Then, as you embody "the pack-leadership mentality," calmly project this image into a future moment. The secret is in the shared emotion of the praise, or treat, that will be given when he gets it right. And he will if he "sees" it. He wants to please you. Trust me, this works! 

   Some dog owners don’t really want to do what it takes to fulfill their dog's lives because they fear it will upset the balance in the way their dog fulfills THEM! This is unhealthy, narcissistic behavior.

   In an ideal relationship, both parties should be getting their needs met. My goal is to do my part to heal the relationship we have with our four-legged friends and set the wheels in motion for having the kind of relationship you have always dreamed of having with your dog! 

I teach you how to be the pack leader with the mother's touch.

Taking the dog for a walk

Who is the boss?

 Most people have a “negotiated relationship” with their dog. That must change. You must show your dog what your limitations and boundaries are in clear messages. Then, and only then, do you give affection. If your dog is doing what you want him to do now, it is most likely because he wants something from you, not because he respects you. There is no more something for nothing. I am not saying don't love your dog...I am saying they need leadership first, as with a mother and her cubs. 

   The model for dog training is the mother wolf in the den with her puppies. She is nursing them. One of the puppies gets distracted and sees a bug, and unbeknownst to mom, sneaks out for further investigation. When he gets about ten yards away, mom notices, she doesn’t spend time thinking things like, “I wonder what's going on here?” or "Now, what the heck is that little bugger up to?” She also doesn’t yell a bunch of stuff like, “Hey you, come back here this very instant, little man!” She can’t. It is only us humans who waste a lot of breath talking to or yelling at our dogs. What she does is she simply and calmly goes and grabs the little guy, and hauls him back to the exact same spot that he took off from; No punishment, no judgment, just gentle consistent direction. The mother wolf follows through and she means it.
   Puppies are happy to take their place in the hierarchy and explore within their established boundaries. They can relax and no longer feel obligated to protect you by barking at strangers or pulling ahead of you on the leash. You protect your dog he does not protect you. You define the emotions of the situation. 

Creating a Bridge of Communication

 I come to your house and I observe what you do with your dog. Then, I give you a better way to relate to your dog. I walk you through my step-by-step method so you and your dog will be happily and safely communicating.

Lazy Dog
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